Postponed until Saturday April 23, 2022

Mil-Tree’s mission is to bring Veterans, Active Duty and Civilians together through arts and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war. Our vision is to provide safe space for veterans returning to civilian life so that they may gather, express, themselves and tell their stories in a non-judgmental environment. We do this through ongoing creative programs that engage veterans and their families, active military and the greater community.

Can’t make the show, but still want to help Mil-tree thrive?

The Performers

Kevin Bone

Wonder Valley: A Home For The Holidays

Kevin fell into theater by way of the long-running “Point Break Live” in Los Angeles (stage manager). From there he started creating and producing his own shows, including a short play and music series called “There in Ten”.

Kevin Bone.jpg

Abe Daniels

Full Circle

Abe has been in love with Joshua  Tree  for 15 years. Originally  from  Arizona,  where he spent his childhood  with his grandparents in their adobe house, being in Joshua  Tree  was like coming back home. While in Joshua  Tree  he and his husband, JR, opened the Wind Walkers pottery and native American  jewelry  store where they aided travels on their journey for over 10 years.

Abe Daniels.jpg

Skyler Fell

Come Ride Into The West

Skyler Fell, accordionist, lead singer, and horsewoman is the owner and proprietor of the Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop, which has served as a hub of the West Coast accordion revival for over 20 years. Skyler’s work in the traditional craft of accordion repair was featured on NPR’s Squeezebox Stories. She is also a horseback trail guide in the Joshua Tree National Park through Knob Hill Ranch.

Barbara Gothard, Ph.D.

I’m A Contradiction

From modest Illinois roots, Gothard aspires to utilize her creative potential in a contemporary art form that is associated with the unconscious mind.  She lives, works and is influenced by her ever-changing desert environment, a soft malleable and metamorphic dwelling space surrounded by majestic mountains awash in brilliant colors.

Chakra Kahn

Creosote Tea

Chakra is a San Diego Native, married mother of 3 wildlings, and a happy high desert transplant of the past 4 years.  She's a real witch, and ghost wrangler and will offer to read your tarot cards as quickly as she'll offer you a glass of water on a hot dry desert day.

Chakra Kahn.jpg

Josh Kjerstad

First and Last

Josh is the singer/songwriter of the Clouds, a band he started less than a year after moving to Joshua Tree in March of 2006. He recently participated in the Open Studio Tours, showing several of his etched and carved art glass pieces.

Joshua Kjerstad.jpg
Hamid Moazzam .jpg

Hamid Moazzam

Everything Is Connected

Hamid was born in a mystical Persia, the youngest and last of seven children. I started my adulthood journey of my life when I left my hometown and family, arriving in California after high school to attend college. One thing led to another “which is a story by itself “ and I landed in one of my most favorite places Joshua tree and I’m still here twenty some years later.

Renee Asher Pickup.jpg

Renee Asher Pickup

Finding Home

Renee Asher Pickup is a Marine Corps vet and mellowed out punk living in Southern California. Renee writes fiction about bad things happening to flawed people, nonfiction that is critical of the status quo, and truly believes From Dusk Till Dawn changed her life. Her novel with Andrez Bergen: Black Sails, Disco Inferno is available now from Open Books.

Luis J. Rodriguez

From Our Land to Our Land

Luis J. Rodriguez is an award-winning multi-genre writer of 16 books, including a bestselling memoir, "Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A." and the sequel "It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions & Healing." He served as Los Angeles Poet Laureate from 2014 to 2016.

Nell St. John

Skysonic Symphony

Josh is the singer/songwriter of the Clouds, a band he started less than a year after moving to Joshua Tree in March of 2006. He recently participated in the Open Studio Tours, showing several of his etched and carved art glass pieces.

Nell St. John.jpg

Cheryl Montelle

Co-Producer, Director and Host

Cheryl Montelle  is thrilled to host and curate Mil-Tree’s second online spoken word fundraiser. She is a writer whose stories have been published in anthologies and magazines, and performed in Los Angeles, Joshua Tree and New York City. She created and hosted Desert Stories at the HDCC for 12 years, 14 shows. She has also produced similar shows in New York City and Los Angeles. Cheryl loves bringing community together and in 2012 she founded the veteran/ community non-profit, Mil-Tree. For more information go to


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