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Abe Daniels.jpeg

Abe Daniels

Title: TBD

Originally  from  Arizona,  where he spent his childhood,  Joshua  Tree  was like coming home. This is where he and his husband, JR, opened the Wind Walkers pottery and native American  jewelry  store.  It was also here that Abe’s indigenous heritage was rejuvenated and where he began exploring his roots.  After closing the store upon JR’s passing, Abe was called by the Great Spirit to assist others along their journey by creating  a medicine  wheel and meditation  trail on the land that he stewards with his partner Rex.  Abe also reconnected with his passion for theater by starting a summer theatre  program  where he has directed and acted in several local award winning productions.

Amritakripa Watts-Robb.jpeg

Amritakripa Watts-Robb

Title: TBD


Amritakripa, a Joshua Tree resident of 18 years, is a recording and multimedia artist who delights in the divine theater of Nature in all of Her wondrous forms - mineral, plant and animal. Her unique expressions of spontaneous creativity, ignited through cultivating the spark of inner joy, include works of devotional music and song, dance, painting, and textile art while a deep interest in universal consciousness has led her to study esoteric arts such as astrology and alchemy.

Anna Stump.jpg

Anna Stump

Title: TBD

Anna Stump is an artist, arts educator, and creative entrepreneur living in Twentynine Palms. She earned her BA at Occidental College and her MFA at San Diego State University, and was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to Turkey. In addition to her painting practice, Anna runs the Desert Dairy Artist Residency, and is the Director of Mojaveland, an artist-designed miniature golf course and art center. She has recently been appointed to the Public Art Advisory Committee in Twentynine Palms.

Bryson Jones.jpg

Bryson Jones

Title: TBD

Bryson Jones is not completely sure how to label himself. You may know him as a tech entrepreneur, a musician, (in the bands Sawtooth, The Sin City All Stars, The Snakehandlers and Gramfests since the late 90's), a husband to his talented wife, Annalee, or the son of a 5th generation farm family from rural Arkansas. He also has a deep love for (and part-time residency in) the desert around Joshua Tree. Over the last 24 years, whenever art has escaped him, the desert has always brought it back.

Colleena Hake

Title:  TBD


Colleena Hake is an artist & gallerista living in the hi-dez of Joshua Tree. She founded La Matadora Gallery in Joshua Tree in 2017, and before that, she owned Candelabra Gallery in Tucson for 3 years. Besides mosaic mural art, Colleena likes creating live art “get-ups” such as Lady Luck, Tammy Why Not?, & the Bionic Wonder Bread Woman. Deaf since age 2, Colleena is a professional lip-reader & part-time cyborg. Her latest passion is creating beneditos, or cabin blessings, which include her original poetry encased in resin along with horseshoes, good luck charms, and magical amulets.   

Gary Daigneault.jpg

Gary Daigneault

Title: TBD

Gary co-hosted local radio morning shows for 42 years with awards and citations from the Associated Press, National Association of Broadcasters, Radio-Television News Association, Radio Inc. Magazine, five “Golden Mic” and four “Mark Twain” awards. In 2010 he was inducted into the Associated Press Hall of Fame. Daigneault taught Broadcasting for 27 years. He is President of Theatre 29, six term Past-President of Rotary Clubs, Past-President of Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree Chambers of Commerce and chaired the Joshua Tree National Park Commission. Gary and wife Cindy live in Twentynine Palms, since 1979. They have two children and five grandchildren.

Joe Alvarez.jpeg

Joe Alvarez

Title: TBD

Joe Alvarez, a former Marine and Angelino living in the High Desert, uses allegorical part-human, part-animal figures, circus performers, and fairy-tale characters to create masquerades of black humor and shadowy myth. Mostly self-taught, he paints on repurposed wood and constructs papier-mâché dioramas inspired by Frida Kahlo and William Blake. Alvarez combines mestizaje culture with a subversive punk attitude and uneasy self-reflection, signaling things are not always what they seem. Joe is know for creating narrative scenes full of bizarre characters and subversive mythology stories. An entrepreneur, he is co-owner of Goat Mountain  Co. Gallery and Gift Shop in Yucca Valley, California.

Kevin Bone.jpeg

Kevin Bone

Title: TBD

You might know Kevin Bone as bartender and manager of The Palms in Wonder Valley, but he has also co-created and produced several theater and music events, including “Succulents” (short plays), the “Hi-Desert Hukilau” music festival, and the Joshua Tree Solo (theater) Festival in 2022. He received an award for “outstanding performer” from the recent JOSHUAS awards ceremony,. He is currently working on a 16-character one-man show, “Kate’s Last Dance”.

Kevin is also proud to say that he plays drums for The Sibleys.

Zara Kand 4_edited.jpg

Zara Kand

Title: TBD

Zara Kand is a London born, American painter, mixed media, and oil-painted animation artist, currently based in Southern California. She has exhibited throughout numerous venues within the US and has been featured in many online and print publications across the globe. She resides in the hi-desert spending her time painting, art writing for various art magazines such as ArtNowLA and Hi-Fructiose magazine, and is the current curator at Art Queen Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA. Shis also the editor of The Gallersit Speaks, an international interview series focusing on gallery directors, arts organizers and curators.

Margaret Prescod.tiff

Margaret Prescod

Title: TBD

Margaret Prescod was born and raised in Barbados, an island in the Caribbean famous for becoming the world’s youngest Republic (after breaking with the British monarchy) and for being the home country of Rihanna.  She is a women’s rights and anti-racist activist and an environmentalist and has helped to build a grassroots independent women’s network, the Global Women’s Strike and is the co-founder of Black Women for Wages for Housework and founder of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders.  She is part of the coordinating group of the Care Income Now Campaign.  She is the host of “Sojourner Truth” a nationally syndicated drive time public affairs program on Pacifica Radio.  She is a mother and is the author of “Black Women Bringing it all Back Home”.

Cheryl Montelle

Co-Producer, Director and Host


Cheryl Montelle  is thrilled to host and curate Mil-Tree’s second online spoken word fundraiser. She is a writer whose stories have been published in anthologies and magazines, and performed in Los Angeles, Joshua Tree and New York City. She created and hosted Desert Stories at the HDCC for 12 years, 14 shows. She has also produced similar shows in New York City and Los Angeles. Cheryl loves bringing community together and in 2012 she founded the veteran/ community non-profit, Mil-Tree. For more information go to


Mil-Tree is a non-profit that brings veterans, active duty and civilians together through arts and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war.

Furstwurld is a limited-capacity nonprofit community venue in the high desert of Joshua Tree. This venue is dedicated to working in partnership with community and like-minded organizations to strengthen awareness, accessibility and deeper appreciation of art, ideas and cultures.


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